About the council

Liverpool City Council exists to serve, safeguard and represent the interests of its citizens and communities and to ensure the provision of the best possible services for its residents.


We are committed to making Liverpool a strong city through inclusive and sustainable growth, and building a fair city through breaking the cycle of deprivation, improving health and tackling poverty.

The Council Plan outlines how the council aims to make a difference, delivering against six key strategic pillars:

  1. A strong and fair economy for all
  2. High quality and inclusive education, skills and employment
  3. Thriving communities
  4. Healthier lives for children and adults
  5. A well connected, sustainable and accessible city
  6. A well-run council


Assurance that these plans are deliverable and affordable will be achieved through an integrated approach to service planning and development of the Medium-Term Financial Strategy (2023/24 – 2025/26). This provides the strategic financial framework for the authority and a forward looking approach to achieving long term sustainability with plans in place to deliver balanced budgets.

In 2021, the government appointed a team of Commissioners to oversee statutory Directions laid by the Secretary of State in relation to regeneration, highways and property services. As the intervention approaches the end of the three-year period, which has seen a whole council improvement journey, we continue to work closely with the Commissioners to achieve progress against the jointly agreed improvement criteria. The Commissioners will submit their fifth report to the Secretary of State in March and whilst we are not complacent about the level of improvement still required, we are confident that our ongoing progress will be further acknowledged.


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