Director, Education and Inclusion

£110,408 - £136,387


About the role

Liverpool’s educational landscape is complex, dynamic, exciting and developing fast. Four out of five of our schools are Good or Outstanding, and we’re getting better all the time. We’re innovating our post-16 offer, with a particular focus on children in care, and we have the enthusiastic support of schools, trusts and parents in shaping the new future. But there’s still plenty to do: wider issues of deprivation, the aftermath of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis mean that attendance, attainment, early years, SEND and inclusion all offer huge potential for improvement.

You will be responsible for overseeing the provision of early years, school and college provision for all of Liverpool’s children and young people, across mainstream, special and AP settings. As the council’s lead expert on education policy and practice, you’ll provide timely and objective advice to colleagues and elected members on the full range of issues relating to education and inclusion. This will include (but not be limited to) behaviour and attendance, education safeguarding, virtual school, alternative provision, SEND and extended services to support and engage vulnerable pupils.

It will be important that you foster and develop excellent relationships with trust and system leaders, particularly headteachers, to review and improve our service design and provision. Other key partners include the Diocese and Archdiocese, Regional Director, DfE, CQC and Ofsted; and we will look for a good track record of dialogue and influence in these contexts. It goes without saying that you will be accountable for ensuring that the Council fulfils all compliance, inspection and regulatory requirements, and will deputise on occasion for the Corporate Director.

Our Corporate Director for Children’s Services has set a clear, inspiring vision, and this role puts you in the perfect position to develop an education and inclusion service that sets a national benchmark. As part of the directorate management team, you’ll work collaboratively with colleagues to drive change and improvement in an integrated, system-wide way. Candidates are likely to have good current knowledge of the city and region, and your track record of successful educational leadership will give you solid credibility with the organisations and partners you’ll need to influence. Your values-led, inclusive approach, plus a deep personal commitment to the best outcomes for all young people – especially the most vulnerable – will set you apart.


We are starting as we mean to go on: new ambitions, high expectations, huge optimism. With a clear plan, the right people, and the support of our partners and the wider Council, the system-level change that we aspire to is well within our reach.

There are many opportunities for collaboration and innovation, the Council and the Partnership are committed to providing the best opportunities to all children, young people and students.

We are looking for leaders who have a track record of making a difference, leaders who are outcomes-focused and inspired by the chance to write the next chapter for this great city.

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