Director of Law and Governance

c. £130k


Director of Law and Governance

As with any senior executive role, you will need to operate effectively on a number of levels. At the most visible, we want our legal function to continue its steady progress towards setting a sector benchmark. That means consistency, capacity, and collaboration in everything we do. You’ll bring a ‘good enough isn’t good enough’ eye for detail, and foster a culture of everyday excellence.

You’ll also act as the custodian of our corporate governance , decision-making and member conduct– this part of the role can take courage, and you’ll need the integrity and resilience to persevere when you’re influencing change or working ahead of the curve. Working closely with senior management team colleagues and elected members, you’ll combine a deep respect for the pressures and challenges of that role, while never losing sight of the principles of public life which underpin it.

On the wider organisational level, you’ll play an important corporate ‘sweeper’ role, supporting colleagues and departments on the legal, constitutional (or any other) aspects of their own improvement journeys. Approachable, positive and able to communicate effectively in the full range of contexts, you’ll quickly gain a reputation for being an inspiring leader of change and ambition across the whole organisation.

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Liverpool is a major metropolitan city, with a complex and dynamic operating environment and a range of organisational challenges. So we’re looking for someone at the top of their game, to provide the right balance of shrewd advice, horizon-scanning and risk-awareness, expert professional practice and strategic leadership.