About our city

Liverpool is a world-famous city, with an increasingly diverse population and a dynamic culture of creativity at the heart of its offer.



Our residents are passionate, resilient and proud, and are committed to community and fairness. This is a city that knows how to unite, to innovate and to celebrate.

As the UK’s fifth most visited city, Liverpool’s visitor economy has blossomed, and we were recently the centre of the world's attention when we hosted last year's hugely successful Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine.

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Away from the spotlight, Liverpool has also seen considerable economic and population growth over the past twenty years. We believe this positive trend will continue over the coming decade – with major schemes such as Everton FC’s new stadium, Liverpool Waters and Festival Gardens set to generate billions in economic impact. With over 50,000 students, the city is a major seat of education, and its academic institutions are forging a new era of discovery within the city’s expanding Knowledge Quarter – including the world’s first Pandemic Institute.

Yet difficulties remain. The legacy of the city’s over-reliance on its once-imperious port is evident – an aging housing stock, underfunded infrastructure and communities in need of regeneration. This combination of long-term social, economic and environmental consequences presents a complex challenge, which requires creative thinking and bold decision-making.

Liverpool City Council aims to make a positive difference to the quality of life of our citizens.

Our vision is to foster a vibrant, engaging and ambitious city, always putting people at the heart of everything it does. Our Council Plan – and the City Plan we share with our partners – both focus on reducing health inequalities, improving education attainment and reshaping the economy. Pioneering the UK’s first residential underground bins, creating a new cycle lane network or managing landlord licensing are just a few examples of the difference we can make. We look forward to welcoming leaders who can shape the next chapter in our journey –  who shares our values and thrives on challenges and getting results.





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